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About Agave Group, Serving Clients in Durango, CO

In 2012, Mark Williamson and James Philippon joined forces to build Agave Group in a joint effort to create homes by combining aesthetics, forward-looking design, and professionalism. Today, we have several communities and countless completed homes in residential pockets throughout Durango, CO. Our homebuilding process includes uncompromising craftsmanship and unique designs, incorporating modern touches while eliminating wasted space. We are known as innovative builders in the Southwest, offering an unparalleled professional experience to clients who value features that are beautiful and functional.

modern living room with fireplace

How Our Company Compares to the Agave Plant

Agave Group is proud of our company’s history as a custom home builder, creating communities where residents enjoy their home life with modern touches and personalized designs. We got our company name from a plant that shares many of our business traits. Agaves are fascinating plants that live for many years and bloom like few other plants. They grow stunning bloom stalks that rise into the sky and branch out into fluffy bloom. Their complete growth resembles a cartoon-like tree. People use the plant itself to make a sweetener, rope, tequila, and a Mexican beverage called pulque. Our company is much like the plant. We have spent a few decades perfecting our exciting and unique home building process with a commitment to making the process as hassle-free, simple, and enjoyable as possible.

Custom Home Solutions Our Clients Love

Investing in a new home or remodel should reflect your personal style and live up to the time and money you put into the project. At Agave Group, we understand the magnitude of our client’s investment and collaborate with them on their home design. We create homes that meet their unique desires and lifestyles with attention to every detail, ensuring the finished product meets their standards in quality and customization. Our company has also created communities in residential pockets within city limits, designed to inspire community-focused lifestyles and honor their locations. If you have an existing structure you wish to convert into your dream home, we offer remodeling services covering your needs, from simple property refreshes to complete structural renovations.

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Building a beautiful Durango for generations to come.