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A Joint Effort to Create Custom-Built Homes

Agave Group has provided residents with beautifully crafted, custom-built homes in Durango, CO since 2012. The company’s inception happened a few years before our official start. The founding members’ shared aesthetic styles and commitment to forward-looking design and professionalism are responsible for several communities within city limits and countless custom new homes and remodels throughout the area. We understand the trust our clients place in us to create homes reflecting their style and need for modern touches, no wasted space, and features merging function and beauty. Our dedication to fine craftsmanship and collaboration with clients on their designs ensure they get their dream homes.

modern house at dusk

A Brief History of Our Company

In 2009, Mark Williamson embarked on a large infill development and restoration on historic Third Avenue in downtown Durango, CO. It was a complicated project involving a restoration of one of the area’s oldest homes, and it included a carriage house, new townhomes, and a modern condominium complex on the Animas River. Mark had to merge several architectural styles and a few eras within a very small area on the historic boulevard. He needed some serious help and knew there was one person who could help him pull off the project. Mark called in James Philippon to help him brainstorm one evening. He knew James had built some amazing homes, and the two shared a similar aesthetic. After whipping up some delicious margaritas, because both shared a love of tequila, Agave Group was born.

Agave Group’s Custom Homes & Communities in Durango, CO

At Agave Group, we prioritize each client’s personal style and needs with a new home, whether we are remodeling an existing structure or building a new one from scratch. Our goal is to create a living space that meets your aesthetic and functional needs. We achieve this goal by paying attention to the details of your vision and incorporating modern architecture and traditional craftsmanship into your project. Every homeowner deserves to live in a home they love, so we ensure their satisfaction with custom design and building solutions that fit our clients’ tastes and budgets.

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Building a beautiful Durango for generations to come.