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Metz Townhomes

Agave transformed a duplex lot in the Harmony subdivision into two townhomes, adjacent yet individual. Each is a comfortable and open 1900 square feet, with 300-square-foot covered decks that take full advantage of spectacular North Valley view. Each unit also has an attached 2 car garage.

Date Built



CR250 & Florida Road


Clean, modern, functional and open plan

Square Footage

2300 sq. ft


2 car garage, covered deck, views of North Animas Valley


“After deciding to downsize, sell our home high in the north part of the county, and move to town, we were fortunate to chance upon this gem of a new townhouse built by the Agave Group, Jim Philippon and Mark Williamson. The home is filled with their meticulous attention to contemporary architectural details: the stunning horizontal fireplace, off white walls perfect for art work, distressed oak flooring on the main level and professionally laid concrete flooring downstairs, gorgeous and unusual light fixtures throughout, as well as closets that take advantage of every bit of space available in a relatively modest sized home, perfect for us. We were particularly impressed with the high ceilings and expansive windows looking out to an oversized deck.

As with any newly built home we put together a punch list with the few items that needed some action, and both Jim and Mark were immediately responsive and helpful. We can’t thank them enough for making our move so stress-free. We look forward to spending many years in this beautifully crafted home.”

— Ellen & Ross, Homeowner

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