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Taylor Vincent

Taylor Vincent is the Interior Design guru and general for Agave. She is incredibly passionate about her work and her number one priority is to make building, remodeling, or refreshing a home NOT stressful, but rather very fun and exciting. She makes sure that every inch of your home is safe, functional, and beautiful. She begins by listening to your story, what excites and inspires you. She helps you choose colors, materials, and lighting to complement the architecture of the home. She is very skillful and creative to help you create a connection with your new home. She is often your psychologist too.

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James Philippon

No detail is too small for James Philippon. In fact, he is obsessed with details. James commits 100% of himself to every project, no matter the size. He believes in the effective collaboration of builder, client, and architect. He listens and advocates for each, never compromising durability and safety, watching the cost “creep” like a hawk, and focused on building efficiency. James always thinks long term for the client, addressing their immediate needs now and what they might be in the future, all the while mindful of financial realities. James is very creative. When clients and architects give him permission to be creative, watch out, the “wow” factor jumps off the page.


Mark Williamson

Mark Williamson wears many hats at Agave. He juggles the day-to-day tasks and operations along with James, Taylor, and Jay of building houses as well as meeting new clients and identifying new opportunities on the development side. When he is not assisting in problem-solving with contractors, workers, and employees, he tries to stay ahead of Agave, building new relationships with clients, community members, and contractors. He enjoys exploring his vision for new projects in neglected or hidden areas around Durango and LaPlata county.

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Jay Foster

Jay Foster is a brilliant project manager. He is honest, knowledgeable, accountable, and a problem solver. He is eager to jump into project, and his mantra is always, “Let’s make cool stuff!” The two questions that seem to guide his work ethos are “Is the project on time and is the project on budget? “

Micheal Mullaly

Mike Mullaly

Mike Mullaly is also a tremendous project manager for Agave. Mike is organized and action oriented. His trailer and job sites are immaculate. He is always 2-3 steps ahead of the project. Mike has built several buildings with James and Mark over the years. When he gets rolling, he is like a tornado. As no single jobsite can exhaust him, Mike heads to the mountains after work and on weekends to explore the backyard we call the San Juans.

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