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I am thrilled to share that the Animas City Park Overlook project received the “Best Project” award during Downtown Colorado Inc.’s annual Governor’s Awards.

The project received well-deserved recognition for its ability to meet a pressing community need through creative partnerships, transforming what otherwise would have been 5 high-priced single family homes into 22 mid-sized townhomes that will offer ownership opportunities for a wide range of community members. The development includes 12 market-rate units and 10 deed-restricted units. Of the 10 deed-restricted units, six will be workforce-qualified units in which residency or workforce restrictions must be met. The remaining four units are to be income-qualified units in which residence qualification is limited to people who earn below 125% of the area median income.

Kudos to all of the fantastic partners involved in the project; City of Durango, Urban Renewal Partnership, Agave Group, La Plata County, Durango 9-R School District, Durango Business Improvement District, HomesFund, Animas Mosquito Control District, Mountain Civil Consulting, SEH, Paul Benedetti, and Reynolds Ash Associates. This project would not have been possible without your hard work and commitment to Durango.

Congratulations to all!